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Linux Hosting: Do I Need to Cluster?

by admin - July 15th, 2011.
Filed under: Linux, Web Hosting, Web Servers.

To cluster or not to cluster is the question. What are the disadvantages of clustering? The fundamental disadvantage of clustering is that you need to put in some redundant hardware for doing the same thing that half the hardware could do, except when it fails. It is like investing in an umbrella. If you’re in Oregon, it is a good investment but if you’re in Arizona it probably isn’t so good. As soon as you decide that you need to cluster your Linux hosting server, you will have to answer several other questions. You will have to make sure that multiple machines in the cluster get access to the same database and they can synchronize data among each other. Also, the definition of a failure of a machine has to be precisely defined, else the machines in a cluster would ping pong between each other thereby loading the network and negatively impacting the user who is accessing the website. Clustering does not protect you from all failures or compound failures. Clustering is only a way of minimizing your risk.

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