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Reseller Hosting, Data Centers

by admin - June 2nd, 2011.
Filed under: Reseller Hosting, Web Hosting.

Technically speaking reseller hosting does not need any additional data centers, it makes sense to have a few servers to back up your reselling business. These sets of additional servers cannot only serve as your supply chain management system it can also serve as a mechanism for handling consumer transactions for your business. The additional servers also provide a mechanism to duplicating reselling services and reselling them to other customers in a chain thereby generating value for the whole ecosystem. Furthermore, a physical data center provides psychological satisfaction to the buyer of the service if there is a brick and mortar store available around in case of trouble. The data centers or just a rack of servers can be extremely expensive and highly energy intensive. As a result such decisions should not be taken lightly but after a through business strategy analysis. Finally, the cost of running the business has to be lower than the monthly cost of running the data center for the reseller hosting business to survive in this economy.

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