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Web Hosting Review, Money Management

by admin - March 15th, 2011.
Filed under: Web Hosting.

As soon as you start a website that is intending to sell or buy anything, money gets involved. You need a smooth channel for this money to flow from your customer to you and/or to the bank. There are multiple ways of channeling this money. Many micropayment websites like PayPal facilitate legal money transfers from the customer to the owner of the website. They can also handle currency conversions like INR to USD etc. For small payments, any of the micropayment sites is a good choice. For larger payments, you might like to enroll with a credit card company that allows you to process user credit cards. There is a bunch of intermediate transaction processing companies. These companies facilitate transactions belonging to different banks. Some banks like VISA, American Express etc. also offer direct processing on their websites. Most of these intermediate processing companies will charge you a percentage of the transaction as the fees. Look for a web hosting review for deciding on various banks a web-hosting provider can support.

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