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Dedicated Server Hosting with Godaddy.com

by admin - February 18th, 2011.
Filed under: GoDaddy, Web Hosting, Web Servers.

Godaddy.com is one of the newer web domain registration sites. The company offers web hosting, domain registration, and other services for those hoping to create a website. The site has multiple packages that offer different amounts of storage and bandwidth. Dedicated server hosting with godaddy.com provides the tools and resources needed to create and maintain a website.

The plans can be paid for monthly, every six months, yearly, or every two years. The longer the subscription, the cheaper the monthly price becomes. An account registration on godaddy.com also comes with credits to use at Facebook, Google Adwords, and yahoo search. These credits can help get some cheap advertisements to help grow a base of readers or viewers for a website.

Godaddy prides itself on having dedicated servers which means each account is on an individual server rather than being shared with other sites. The website owner is more or less renting a server located at godaddy.com’s warehouse. This practice allows for a better and faster website and is worth the affordable monthly plans offered.

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